Wow. I'm in the mood right now where just about anything is likely to set me off. The last of my patience was spent earlier today. I hate that. Right now I'm dealing with a little tiny work drama that has no reason to exist. The main player should know better, but doesn't. It's all very 3rd grade. Now don't get me wrong, most work drama tends to be of that variety, but for some reason, this time it's completely drained every last drop of energy I have. I was so happy to be out of there today. One more day before the incredibly draining weekend is upon us. I want to call out tomorrow, but I won't. It's not in my nature. I'm going to go in and try to pretend everything is hunky dory. I've got a very good group of work friends. Small group, but excellent group. Love 'em. Maybe I'll just keep to myself and try to get some work done. I don't know.

And how was your day?

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Tony Z™ said...

Sorry you had such a crappy day. Sounds like my everyday at work. Although, in the past 7-8 months, nearly everyone I actually enjoyed working with has transfered to another branch, quit or retired. It's been really hard lately to make myself go in. Probably time to hit the classifieds for me!!