Favorite Albums

I've spotlighted some of my favorite comic book covers in the past. I've been meaning to also spotlight some of my favorite albums. Somehow I just haven't gotten around to it until now. The first album I want to spotlight is Everything's Different Now by 'til tuesday.
This was their third and final album, being released in late 1988. Much of the album's content was inspired by Aimee Mann's break up with Jules Shear. Albums inspired by shitty circumstances generally appeal to me. I don't know why. Maybe because they feel more honest or more raw? I'm really not sure. Everything's Different Now is definitely more on the over-produced side, but it's still an amazing album. Aimee Mann generally tends to stay away from 'til tuesday material in her shows, but "The Other End (Of The Telescope)" usually ends up being played in most of her shows. It has in the three shows I've been to. It's a song she co-wrote with Elvis Costello. He ended up recording it on his All This Useless Beauty album a number of years later. It's just as good coming from him as it is from her.

Track Listing:
1. Everything's Different Now
2. Rip In Heaven
3. Why Must I
4. 'J' For Jules
5. (Believed You Were) Lucky
6. Limits To Love
7. Long Gone (Buddy)
8. The Other End (Of The Telescope)
9. Crash And Burn
10. How Can You Give Up?

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