Busy Weekend

This whole weekend was GO GO GO GO GO. Now it's over and I'm sad.

Saturday I got up at 5:30 am to get ready for work. Saturday overtime is pretty good because no one is there. The office was FREEZING, which is odd because it's usually too warm. When I got home from work, Ken said he needs to run errands and would I like to go. I said yes. We went to apply for my passport, he had some returns to make, we stopped at a travel agent, went to lunch, bought cat food for Ollie and then home. Started laundry. I then went out for a walk, vegged out in front of the computer and then finally in bed with a stack of comics.

Today started off pretty quietly. Went for my walk early, mowed the grass, did more laundry, read the paper, caught up on all my backlogged tv shows. Then Ken asked if I was willing to drive to Kingston to go shopping for underpants for him. So we did, drove around Woodstock, then stopped for dinner before hitting the road home. It's been a full weekend. All I have left to do is go through my mail bucket and maybe sew up a pair of shorts with a small hole. Then bed. I'm so ready for bed already.

And tomorrow it all starts again.....

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