The Biggest Loser

So as you may already know, I've been doing very well in my quest to drop weight. Ken's finally decided to try, too. He now weighs about 25 pounds more than I do. This is odd because in the 13 years we've been together, I've always weighed more than him. He's been on tons of diets over the years, always putting back on what he's lost. He's hoping this time is going to be the time for him. He's decided that we get a prize next year if we do good. A trip to Europe. He's already posted a map showing the distance from here to there in the bathroom by the scale. There's also a tracking sheet (complete with the fattest picture he could find of Caroline Rhea) hanging to follow the weight loss. Tomorrow morning is the official first weigh in. I hope he does well. I hope I can continue to drop the pounds. I feel so accomplished already, but at the same time I feel so fat.

I'm bummed I didn't keep a weekly update of my weight loss since last August. I think it would be cool to see what my exact progress has been. At least for the next year I'll have that with the tracking sheet Ken made.

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