Passport Fun

I went and applied for my passport today. Ken's been on my case about it for years now. But we may actually have need for passports next year, so it's time to get one. The line at the post office was short, but was slower than shit. When we got there, there was a family of four in the process of applying for theirs. They must have taken a half an hour from when we got there. Next up was a family who was unprepared and ended up leaving without completing the process. Then there was the unfortunate girl who wanted to renew hers. She was a complete DORK. I felt so bad for her. Next up was the family I was in line behind. They're going on a cruise in three weeks and thought this might be a good time to apply for the passport their daughter is going to need to travel. Three weeks. And they failed to understand that their paperwork isn't even going to be looked at by the Department of State for at least a month. The mother was giving the post office clerk shit about it. What the hell could the postal worker do? Nothing. Anyone who doesn't know that the passport processing is easily six months behind doesn't deserve to travel. Plus, these people were just plain ugly and had no control over their two children. They annoyed the shit out of me. Is it wrong for me to secretly hope they can't go on their cruise in three weeks? Oh, and they gave the postal worker shit because she took the daughter's birth certificate to put with the application. Clearly the parents already have their passports. They had to submit their birth certificates when they applied. I have no patience for stupid people.

All in all, we were at the post office for an hour and a half. But the passport has been applied for and in theory, I should have it by Thanksgiving.

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Holly said...

I kinda secretly hope they can't go on thier cruise too. Stupidity should be punished! They have only been talking about the backlog of passports for the last 8+ months. Hellooooo??