045 Zatanna By Paul Dini

The title of this collection is slightly misleading.  It should be Zatanna By Paul Dini and Others.  LOL.  It's primarily written by Paul Dini with fill in writers here and there.  But it's mostly Paul Dini.  And I must say, this collection was a bigger joy reading in this format than it was monthly as it was originally published.  There has never been a writer before who knew how to write Zatanna like Paul Dini does.  He gets her.  He makes it clear he gets her.  And he turns out such great stuff.  It's clear he was slowly laying down things that he was going to address later in the series, but it got cancelled before he could get to any of it.  Besides the entire Zatanna monthly series, this book includes the Everyday Magic special and a Halloween story.  I was so sad to see this book get cancelled.  It's not often a B List character gets such A List treatment.  I highly recommend this book.

Zatanna By Paul Dini
Writer: Paul Dini, Adam Beechen, Matthew Sturges, Derek Fridolfs
Artist: Stephane Roux, Jamal Igle, Chad Hardin, Cliff Chiang, Rick Mays, Jesus Saiz, Victor Ibanez, Wayne Faucher, John Sibal, Karl Story, John Dell, Robin Riggs, Travis Moore, Dustin Nguyen
DC Comics

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