040 JSA: The Golden Age

I can't say enough good things about this book.  I bought the mini-series when it first came out and loved it.  Every so often, I'll dig out the issues and read them again, though it's been a really long time.  Reading them collected in this deluxe edition was a pure joy.  I appreciate that the book has been printed on a more papery stock than glossy stock.  The art is still beautiful.  The words are still spot on.  And it's kind of weird, but I think that due to the political climate we are in at this moment, this story seemed even more relevant than when it was first told.

I desperately miss James Robinson writing for DC.  He knows the voices of these characters.  He gives us top notch stuff.  If I can't have more of this, I have this book to read over and over again.

JSA: The Golden Age
Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Paul Smith
DC Comics

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