043 Extraordinary X-Men Vol 3: Kingdoms Fall

I whined about the state of the X-Men Universe a few posts back.  As enjoyable as this book was, the whole Terrigan Mists are poison to mutants thing is really getting old.  Marvel needs to get it's shit back together and get back to basics with the X-Men rather than being pissy babies about not having the movie rights and treating the teams as the green-eyed step children of the Marvel U.

That being said, I like the make up of this team.  The team is home based in Limbo (because Terrigan Mists... sigh).  The first story is about (a) trying to save Colossus from the grip of Apocalypse and (b) a cross dimensional demon trying to take over Limbo.  It was a fun romp despite losing an X-Man.  The second tale was about trying to save two imprisoned mutants from (sigh) a Terrigan Mist cloud.  And then a third (fun!!!!) story featuring Forge and Moon Girl.

I hear Jeff Lemire is done with Marvel, and I'm not sure if this is his last X-Men collection or if there's more in the pipeline.  But I'm sad because he writes a good book.

Extraordinary X-Men Vol 3: Kingdoms Fall
Writer: Jeff Lemire, Ollie Masters, Brandon Montclare
Artist: Victor Ibanez, Guillermo Mogorron, Carlo Barberi, Walden Wong, Rose Kampe
Marvel Comics

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