Today was nearly the perfect kind of day.  The type I've been longing for for a very long time.  It was one of the laziest days I've had in longer than I can remember.

I just don't know how to turn off.  I always have great plans to take a day off and do nothing.  Just lounge around, read and not much else.  I always seem to find something to keep me from doing the nothing that I want to do.  Today was different.  Granted, I can't say that I was 100 percent successful, but it was close enough.  

I got up really, really, really early for some dumb reason.  I knew I wanted to hit the gym pretty early, but it was ridiculous that I got up before six this morning.  The gym doesn't even open until seven on Sunday.  Anyway, I got up, poked around online for a little bit before I motivated to the gym.  I got home in plenty of time before Ken had to leave for his business trip.  But he was gone by 10 am and I was on my own.  A load of laundry in the washer, a little bit of organizing the pantry (which has gotten way out of control) and then the day was mine.  I sat outside in the sun for a little bit reading, which made me very happy, but also made me realize I was very hungry.  I decided I needed pizza.  I had an awesome fucking weigh in this morning and I deserved it.  So I headed out, ate, came home and plopped myself back in my chair in the sun.  This time, I grabbed a beer to go with my book.  That lead to a little nap, which lead to another beer, which lead to more reading, which lead to more sunning.  I'm getting pretty tan.  

I'm taking a little computer break right now to eat my ice cream and then I'm heading back upstairs shortly to read some more and then pass out for the night.  What's going to make that extra nice is that I changed the sheets today.  New sheet night is always the best night of the week.

I haven't been able to have one of these days in a long time.  With Ken's nephew living here, he's ALWAYS here.  He hasn't worked in months, so even when I have a day off from work, the house is never empty.  It makes it hard for me to truly relax like I want to.  But today was different as I completely tuned out the rest of the world and had great success with it.

Back to the real world tomorrow, though...  I have a feeling tomorrow isn't going to be fun.  Prove me wrong, universe.  I dare ya!

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