So another week has gone by.  Where is all my time going?

Every day I can think of something I want to write about here, but when I actually do find the time, it all flies out of my head.  What a way to maintain a blog, huh?

I'm bummed I'm home in New York while the San Diego Comic Com was going on this weekend.  I would have loved to have been there.  All it's doing is getting me excited for the New York Comic Con come this October.  I need to start hammering out my plans for it.  I love little more than getting my geek on.

The week that is just ending now was a pretty stressful one for me.  I started it out on the wrong foot and it just went downhill quickly.  Last Sunday was fantastic, and I did everything I wanted to do except nap.  And I ended up staying up too late reading.  So I ended the day exhausted and started the next day even more tired.  And it was a domino effect all week.  And the more tired I get, the crankier I get.  And the crankier I get, the more the little things really bother me.  Mid-week, I lost my shit over something small and insignificant that I really have no control over.  It made me feel like shit. It was kind of a wake up call about my currently living situation and got me to rethink some things.  I've been in a much better mood since.

The stress I've been feeling has had one positive end result, though.  I've been channeling my irritation and rage into the gym.  I've been wearing myself out, but I've had some pretty fantastic results.  For the first time this year, I've seen the 180s on the scale again.  I think it was November when that last happened.  The last three days I've been below 190.  That's huge considering I've spent all of this year hovering around the 200 lb mark.  Tomorrow I fear will see a decent jump in my weigh in.  I've been eating like a 12 year old left alone in a bakery all weekend.  And I'm drinking a big ass chocolate beer.

Ken and I are helping out some friends next weekend looking after their cats.  I'm really looking forward to housesitting for them.  I won't have any of the regular distractions of home around me and I need a little of that right about now.  This is contingent of Ken's nephew getting back to town by them.  He went to New Hampshire for the weekend, but I have a feeling he's going to be away for a while.  If he doesn't come back in time, I'll split my time between my house and their house, which won't be as much fun, but it's still better than nothing.

I had what might be the best burrito I've ever had last night.  We were in Kingston and went to a place called The Armadillo.  It's a small little place and it was amazing.  Just amazing.  Next time I'm down at my Dad's house, I need to go.

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