A few weeks ago, I went to a pool party at a friend's house.  Before the end of the party, I noticed my ring finger was starting to swell up.  Apparently I was bitten by something that my body just didn't like.  A week on a steroid and I was back to normal.  Yesterday, I went swimming there again and sure enough, before I was ready to head home, my left hand started puffing up again.  Instead of just my ring finger, this time it was my pointer and middle fingers and a good portion of my hand.  When I woke up this morning, my entire hand was a big puff ball.  I got home too late last night to stop at the Urgent Care near the house, so I went first thing this morning.  I got another prescription of the steroid and just popped my first pill.  Last time my finger shrunk back down pretty quickly.  It took all week for it to be 100% back to normal (it took that long before my wedding ring fit again).  I'm afraid it's going to take just a little longer this time as my hand is way more swollen than the last time.  In addition to my hand, when I was showering this morning, I noticed the top of my head had a bit of a bump on it.  It looks like I got bitten or stung there, too.  I have no idea what it is that I'm allergic to, but I'm not too happy about it.  This is putting a damper on my fun time this summer.  Meh.
This is my puffed up left hand
This is my normal sized  right hand

I've started making some plans for the fall.  A few weeks ago a friend called and asked if I wanted to go see Morrissey.  I saw that he was coming to town (Morrissey in Albany?  Seriously?) and thought it might be fun to go see, but didn't think anything more about it until I got the call.  I'm actually kind of excited by the thought.  Nothing like a night of maudlin teenage suicide music!  The weekend before Morrissey is here, I'm going to be in NYC for the New York Comic Con.  I just bought my tickets tonight.  I can't wait to get my geek on!

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