You've Come A Long Way Baby

I've been feeling pretty damn good about my body lately.  It's a rarity, for sure.  I have a distorted view of what I think my body really looks like.  I look in the mirror, but I don't see what other people see.  I still see myself as being much bigger than I really am.  Not as big as I used to be, but definitely not as slim as I really am.  In fact, it's rare that I would use the word slim to describe myself.  Anyway, a week or so ago I was feeling extra positive about how I looked, so I snapped a picture to remind me of this.  And then I thought nothing about it until tonight when I was loading pictures from my phone to the computer.  I'm glad I took this because I was going to write a little blog post about the next picture.

Over the weekend, my friend Lori posted this picture of me and Lynn on her Facebook page.  I got a notification that I was tagged in a picture, so I went and found it.  And my jaw nearly hit the ground.  I immediately posted a comment on the picture saying something along the lines that I couldn't believe how horrible a picture it was.  I didn't say that because I was mad that she posted in.  In fact, I was so excited she did.  But she took it the wrong way and removed the picture.  It bummed me out because I went to go make it my profile picture, but it was gone.  I had her send it to me so I could repost it and make it my profile picture.  

This is the single most disgusting picture I've ever seen of myself.  I cannot believe that I ever let myself get to that point.  I knew I was fat, but much like I have difficulty seeing myself as slender now, I had a really hard time as seeing myself as grossly obese.  Looking at the picture right now makes me feel like someone just hit me in the back of the head with a solid wood baseball bat.  And it also fills me with so much self-esteem, something I lack most days.  I am so fucking proud of all that I've accomplished with my body in the nearly five years since I committed to getting healthy.  Two years to lose the weight and now nearly three years at my goal.  I'm Superman!


Joe in Philly said...

Way to go, Walt!

wcs said...

Truly inspiring!

Nik_TheGreek said...

You're Superman indeed!
Well done! You must be so proud of yourself.

erik98122 said...

Rock on Skinny Bitch!!