1,200 Mile Update

It's a new month and another update on my quest to reach 1,200 miles in 2011.  I have to say it's going extremely well.  Even better than I ever expected.  When I started this project, I thought 1,200 was going to be tough.  I thought doing even 1,000 was going to be tough.  But as the first couple of months took shape, I realized that it wasn't going to be tough at all.  I've channeled a lot of my OCD-like tendencies into this and I've been averaging about 200 miles a month.  Until this month.  I kind of went into overdrive.  I broke 300 miles without blinking an eye.  Part of what helped propel me was something that I thought was actually going to hold me back.  I started having wrist problems early in the month.  I have some mild carpal tunnel syndrome going on and from time to time, my wrists really bother me.  This month they started to ache a little.  Working out on the elliptical was making them worse.  I'd come home from the gym feeling pretty good except for the intense pain in my hands and wrists.  It got to a point where I was considering stopping for a while.  Instead, I decided to try the stationary bike.  It looked easy enough.  I'd worked with it briefly in the past, when I was having foot problems and trying to stay away from the treadmill.  The bike looks easy as shit, but I have to tell you, it's fucking hard.  My legs are not happy by the time I'm done.  I'm using muscles that I don't need for my normal life nor that I need for the elliptical.  In 70 minutes, I can do about 9 1/4 miles on the elliptical.  In the same amount of time, on the same settings, I can do 22 miles on the bike.  I've only done it a handful of times so far, but it really helped boost my miles.  Well, that and the fact that I made it to the gym all but 5 days in May.  A little obsessed, you think?  Here's my workout chart for the month:

I'm thrilled by my progress and a little bummed I'm not across the finish line yet.  I'm so close.  So, so close.  As I've stated before, from my front door to the front door to the Magic Kingdom is a hair over 1,200 miles.  And that's how I've been tracking my progress.  As of June 1, this is the distance I've traveled.  Look at how close I am to Orlando.  So close.  By the end of this weekend, I'll have completed my challenge.  I then give myself permission to lighten up just a little bit.  But not too much, because I want to see how far I can get with a full year under my belt.  I wonder how far from Austin, TX I am so far?  (I just looked.  My mileage puts me on the Tennessee/Arkansas border.)

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