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Sunday evening, I've had a couple beers and I feel like blogging, but I don't know what I want to talk about.  I know there's stuff sitting in my head waiting to come out, but I'm sure that's not going to be any of this.

I love that right now, two beers is all it takes to get me buzzing.  I've always been a cheap date, but this is getting ridiculous.  I love that we have beer in the house right now.  We don't usually keep too much, if any, on hand, but we've got leftovers from last weekend when we had the Danburys here.  I purposely don't buy beer because if it's here, I'll drink it.  It's one of the few areas in my dietary life where my self control is in full effect.  Ken will occasionally buy beer, but we have differing tastes in it that it's not a temptation to me.  I like dark beer.  The darker the better.  It tastes so good to me.  Ken can't stand it.  He's my polar opposite and likes the lighter beers.  I don't mind them, but I'd much rather drink something I can't see through.

Friday night was pretty emotional in my house.  I wasn't going to watch the NY Senate debate and ultimately shoot down the marriage equality bill again, but I turned the tv on just before going to bed and I watched the tail end of it.  And I don't know what happened, but the bill actually passed.  It passed.  In New York State, it's now legal for me to marry my partner of seventeen years.  I'm really not prepared for this.  I really never thought in my lifetime that this would be a possibility.  I know I could drive to Mass or Connecticut and get married if I wanted to, but because it wasn't legal in NY, it didn't seem like it would count.  Sure, New York will recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states, but until this weekend, it wasn't legal to actually do it in New York.  Now that that's changed, I have every intention of marrying Ken.  My biggest dilemma is how we're going to do this.  Do we have a big ceremony?  Do we keep it small and intimate?  Do we elope?  Do we just do it now and have a big party later?  I'm really lost as to what we do next.  I'm not one who likes to be the center of attention (in general), so having a big wedding bash doesn't feel like me.  I would like to celebrate it with my friends, but I just don't know how yet.  Ken would love to do a destination thing.  He figures that since a large percentage of our friends do not live locally, they'd have to travel if they wanted to come anyway, so why not go someplace fun?  I kind of like this idea, but it wouldn't really include the wedding part since we'd have to have the ceremony here in the first place.  Too many things to sort out first.  My head is still spinning and I imagine it will for a little while longer.  Tomorrow I get to face the deluge of questions and comments from co-workers.  Joy.

I've been on a big Adam Ant/Adam & The Ants kick for the last week.  I don't know what brought it on, but I'm enjoying revisiting the music.  And because I can get lost at Wikipedia for hours and hours and hours and hours, I ended up on Adam's wiki page and discovered he's got a new album coming out sometime in 2012.  How excited am I?

I bought a tub of ice cream today when I was out grocery shopping.  I was really craving it earlier, but now I'm feeling guilty that I bought it.  I could have gotten away with getting a smaller container of ice cream, but the flavor I was craving (it's chocolate smothered in ribbons of peanut butter) didn't come in a smaller container.  But fuck it.  I work my ass off keeping in shape.  I deserve a treat.

I dragged Ken to see Green Lantern this weekend.  I haven't been to a movie in a couple years (seriously.  The last thing I saw in the theaters was For Your Consideration.) and I really wanted to see this.  Usually I end up waiting for the dvd and I'm just as happy about it.  This movie, while I did enjoy it, would have probably been a better dvd than movie theater choice.  It really failed to hit the mark it should have hit.  I'm not sure exactly where it went wrong.  I thought the cast was well chosen and they all hit their marks.  (Well, except for Tim Robbins, who felt like he was just there for the paycheck.)  I thought the overall story wasn't bad.  I think what it was for me was there was minimal action.  It took forever for it to start and then it seemed to end way too quickly.  There was entirely too much standing around and talking rather than doing, if that makes sense.  I went with Ken, who knows nothing about comics.  We went in with different eyes and came out with the same opinion of the movie, which is rare for a movie like this.  They tried to cater to both the comic book fans by giving us lots of backstory and inside things that non-comic fans wouldn't get.  They tried to cater to non-comic fans, as well, but in trying to please both groups, they failed.  There was too much backstory for the casual movie goer. So much of it was unnecessary to the movie and it held things back.  The comic fans already know this stuff and didn't need a primer on it.  They could have done away with a lot of it and replaced it with actual action and it would have been a much better movie.  There was one huge plus to this movie for me and that was the guy who played Sinestro.  Although he didn't get to do much of anything but speak, he nailed that role like no one else could have.  Of all the comic book movies I've ever seen, he was the most perfect casting of an existing comic book character.  Ever.  The sequel (if there is one) should heavily feature him.  I hope they learn from their mistakes of this first film if they do get to do a second.

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