Monday Blah

Still really tired from the last few days.  Kevin & Brian, aka The Danburys, were here this weekend.  Kevin was marching in the Fireman's Parade in Lake George on Saturday, and we decided to make a full weekend of them being here.  I had a lot of fun.  I got to be hateful and wretched without Ken yelling too much at me.  Sounds like a winning weekend to me!

I allowed myself to indulge in food that I've been really good about staying away from.  I had an amazing burrito in Lake George. I had ice cream for dessert Saturday night and then again for breakfast on Sunday morning.  I would normally feel like crap for eating like an eleven year old boy left home alone for a week, but not so much. It felt nice.  I did end my eight day run of being under 190 lbs, but it was worth it.  It'll take me a couple days to get back there, so I know it should be pretty easy.

I have some pictures, but I haven't moved them from my phone to the computer yet, so I'll post them later.

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