Nothing, Really

Today was the sixth day in a row that I weighed in at less than 190 lbs.  This has never happened before in my adult life.  Lately I've been hovering right around the 190 mark, but this is the longest run I've had below it.  I've been working my ass off trying to maintain it and I'm succeeding.  I've got company coming this weekend and I know I'll blow it then, but for now I'm enjoying the hell out of it.  

I just bought some new shorts over the weekend.  Size 34 waist.  And I've found that they're loose on me.  I've also noticed my pants seem a little bit looser, too.  I can't believe that I might be working my way down another size.  I'm not trying to do that.  I don't want to do that.  But it looks like it's happening.  I don't want to have to go and buy all new clothes again.  I thought I was done with that.  We'll see how things go, though.  The fact that I'm in a 34 at all still, to this day, blows my mind.  I don't remember EVER being in anything smaller than a 36 growing up, getting all the way up to a 44.  I amaze myself sometimes.

Surprise packages in the mail make me happy.  Especially when I'm having a crappy kind of day.  I got one today and I'm still smiling thinking about it.

Shit.  There was one other completely unrelated thing I wanted to say and now it's gone.

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Anonymous said...

We can eat salad all weekend if you would prefer....

Looking forward to visiting you!