I wasn't in the mood for the gym tonight and now I'm feeling guilty about it.  I have the energy, but not the drive.  Without any drive, though, I'm sure it would feel like an hour of pure torture.  I need to stop beating myself up.

I've mentioned before that I use an iPhone app called iMapMyRide to track my exercise.  The app is free and there's a website where you can access all your information.  Here's what my October calendar looks like.

At the website, if you hover over each of the icons on the various days, it gives you more information, like how long the walk was, how many calories you burned, etc.  I should be damn proud of myself.  I did over 100 miles in October and burned over 14,000 calories.  When I joined the gym, I set a goal for myself to try and hit 15 miles a week.  I not only hit it, I smashed it last month.  I'm going to stick with my 15 miles a week goal for November and see how that works out.  

To try and quell the guilt a little bit, I'm starting up my 30 Day Challenge again tonight.  I really don't want to do that tonight either, but it's good for me and I won't feel as bloated when I'm done.

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