I'm Coming To The Best Part Of My Life

I've had a mild fascination with Cass Elliot for a long time. Longer than I can remember. This weekend I've been listening to a lot of her music again and I can't help but think that she's talking to me directly. A lot of her songs appeal to me more than most artists' songs do. I really do love everything about her. She never had the strongest or prettiest or most polished voice, but there's just something about it.

I was listening to this song earlier today and it really got to me. I feel like I'm coming up on what is going to be the best part of my life. I've fought long and hard to get where I am and I'm so happy to be here. Life is looking really good (knock on wood). But part of what really got to me was listening to Cass sing this and knowing she died shortly after recording it.

I wonder what kind of brassy broad she would be today if she didn't die so young.

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