I've been doing a piss poor job trying to keep this blog up to date.  I just haven't had the time and I feel pretty crappy about it.  I should actually be in bed right now, but I thought I'd try to put some words down here first.  I don't make any promises that anything here will be interesting or coherent, but I do promise to put some words down on this virtual paper.

I love milestones and I love tracking and celebrating them.  They could be stupid milestones or really important ones.  As long as they're interesting to me, I'm all about them.  So it surprises me that I missed a big one of my own recently.  Nearly three years ago I gave up soda in an effort to jump start my weight loss.  I had plateaued and couldn't get myself to budge.  I dropped soda from my diet to see if that would help.  It did.  I planned on stopping for a month, but a month became two months, two months became 100 days and so on and so forth.  Each time I reached a milestone, I promised myself a soda as a reward, but then I was afraid to break my streak.  I've been counting down the days until I was 1000 days soda-free.  And then I slept through that goal.  I just checked and I'm 1070 days soda-sober.  How could I miss that milestone?  Really?  I need to be on my toes for my next one.  At the end of this month it will be 3 years.  I know I'm going to break that streak sooner or later.  I'm hoping for later.

And speaking of weight, I'm still fighting the fat I brought home from Austin.  It's been weeks and weeks and weeks now and I still can't get rid of it.  I've been walking like a madman in hopes of jump starting my metabolism, I've been watching what I'm eating and I'm seeing no progress.  I need to stop stressing about it and let my body do what my body needs to do.  I will say that I feel like I'm in the best shape I've been in in a long time.  I've been going into walking overdrive and my legs look fantastic.  And remember, I'm very hard on myself and especially hyper-critical of myself, so for me to say something good about myself, you know I really have to believe it!  Just looking in the mirror, it seems that almost all of me is lean.  And then there is my belly.  :-)

As for walking like a madman, this morning I clocked 8 miles and it felt good.  Yesterday morning I walked 10 in just over two hours.  And it felt AMAZING!  I thought my sciatic nerve would have hired someone to shoot me for these two walks, but so far, it's been pretty quiet.  Not silent, but pretty quiet.

Work has been something else since I've been back from vacation.  My workload is easily tripled and I'm fighting to keep caught up.  A bunch of my jobs have fallen by the wayside so that I can concentrate on the part that has exploded.  It's really easy work, but the volume is out of control.  I have a back up who is supposed to do my job when I'm not there (Key words - supposed to).  He really doesn't have a job and you'd think that since he doesn't have anything to do that he'd offer a hand.  But no.  It gets in the way of reading sports scores.  We can't have that.

I've been looking forward to this three day weekend to decompress.  It's Sunday night right now and I still haven't had a chance.  Friday night is my usual decompression night and Ken invited the neighbors out to dinner and then back here to hang out.  So Friday night was out.  Saturday night we had plans to go visit a friend who just moved into a new place.  Saturday was out.  Today we ran errands all afternoon.  Today was a scratch.  I made it clear to Ken that I'm not speaking to him tomorrow.  I'm not speaking to anyone tomorrow.  I'm taking the day for myself.  I need it.  I still have some chores I need to do (that I had hoped would be done already), but otherwise I'm planning on sleeping in (at least until Lucy jumps on my full bladder because she wants me up to feed her) and dicking the day away.  Maybe I'll post here.  Maybe I won't.

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(F)redddy said...

You're a stud. Keep on walking.