Ouch #1
The weather here this week is not all that promising for getting outside and walking.  Rain is in the forecast for most of this week and it's both bumming me out and making me glad.  It's forcing me to take a little bit of a break, which I don't ever seem to allow myself.  But it's keeping me from doing something active, which I'm not happy about.  Just hearing myself say that still sounds funny.  Me, the biggest slouch in the world, now can't cope when I can't get out and move my body.  After having a big bowl of pudding for dinner tonight, I decided I should do something, so I dusted off the EA Sports Active for the Wii and got to business.  I've done it two or three times since being in the new house, but since it's been nice out, I've been doing my exercise outside.  Tonight, however, I was humiliated by a stupid video game.  It handed me my ass on a silver platter.  I can't remember the last time I hurt like I do right this second.  It reminds me that as much as I think I'm in shape, I'm in no shape whatsoever.  I shouldn't be drenched in sweat after 20 minutes of lunges, resistance training and stretches.  I have a feeling I'm going to hurt tomorrow.  But hopefully not too much to keep me from doing my sit ups.  Day three and I haven't given up yet.  One set in the morning, one set in the evening.  I'm starting to feel where my stomach and the surrounding muscles are and where that line ends and the belly blubber begins.  

Ouch #2
The last pair of walking shoes I had weren't the best pair.  Turns out they were just a tiny bit too small for my right foot to do the kind of walking I like to do outside.  After a little while I noticed that I had a cut or a blister or something underneath the big toe nail on that foot.  And it started getting bigger as time went on, to the point that almost half the toe nail had turned black.  I bought new shoes and the toe stopped turning black, it just wasn't turning back to it's rightful color.  Over time, as the nail continued to grow, the black part of the nail kept moving higher and higher.  I thought it would grow out of the toe and everything would be fine.  Recently I noticed that a good portion of the nail appears to be dead and doesn't look like it's fully attached to my toe.  I really did a number on my poor toe.  I'm fearing I'm going to lose the whole nail before the healthy part grows enough to take the place of the dead part.  Meh.  And just to gross you out, here is a picture of the toe.

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(F)redddy said...

Man, I'm proud of you. Not for the toe pic, but for getting back up on that EA SA horse.