Follow Up

The computer was being a royal pain in the ass to me last night and wouldn't let me add the pictures I wanted to to yesterday's post.  It's still being a little temperamental, but I'm running a few things at the same time, which I shouldn't.  Anyway, here are the pics.

Here are Kevin and Brian.  I thought it was rather selfish of Brian not to give me his shirt when I asked.  I want that shirt, dammit.  Since he wouldn't, I was forced to order on online this afternoon.  That and a Dalek one, too.  Thanks for spending my fucking money, Brian.

Also, there's a fossil sitting at the booth behind them.  That old man got up, came over to our table when he was leaving and told us that we talked so loud that he couldn't hear himself eat.  Um, he couldn't hear himself eat because it's hard to hear tapioca being gummed and he's 811 years old.  He can't hear to start with.

We're looking adorable.  Because we are.

I think they really just wanted a chance to grab my ass in public without anyone giving them odd looks.   And n toot my own horn, but my legs look so fucking hot!

One of the joys of being back down in that neck of the woods is stopping by the Sonic for a Strawberry Lime Ade.  Delicious!


Melanie said...

The cute ones are always gay. Oh well :-)

Hello Nessa said...

Melanie stole my thoughts exactly! And I love me a diet cherry lime-aid from the sonics. Walt, you do realize that the lime-aids have soda in them.