Half way through another week already.  I hope the rest of the week continues at the pace the first half has been going.  I'm kind of desperate for the weekend to arrive.  Last weekend went by way too fast and I'm hoping to be able to kick back a little bit this coming weekend.  I know we have a lot to do, but just a couple hours to veg out is all I'm asking.

This week has been interesting.  Not necessarily fun, but definitely interesting.  I've been having a back/neck/headache issue all week and I'm anxious for it all to go away.  A number of years ago, I hurt my right shoulder somehow.  I didn't realize how much I hurt it until recently.  As I started losing weight and as the fat started disappearing from my body, my right shoulder started sinking, for lack of a better word.  The fat was holding everything mostly in place and when the fat was gone, my whole shoulder reshifted.  I've had issues with it since, on and off.  We're on again.  The pain in my shoulder is kind of spreading all the way up my neck and in turn right into my head.  I've had quite the nasty headache all week.  I'm hoping tomorrow will see the end of it.  I need to do some back stretching exercises to hopefully work it out a little.

I spent a good part of yesterday, like everyone else it seems, trying to preorder a new iPhone.  What a fucking mess that turned out to be.  I managed to get my preorder in, and I'm hoping AT&T didn't give out my account information to anyone else.  We'll see.  I read today that the phone's release has been pushed back a week.  I'm a little bummed by that, but I'll live.  I'm excited to get a new toy.

Third time's a charm they say, right?  I don't know what fourth time is or even fifth time.  What I'm talking about, of course, is my driveway getting sealed.  Today was my fourth appointment to get it done.  Naturally, today is the only day this week with any sort of rain in the forecast.  Naturally, it didn't happen again.  I'm rescheduled now for Saturday.  The forecast is hot and sunny.  Since I'm now due to have my driveway done, I'm sure a freak massive storm will come out of nowhere pushing it off AGAIN!  LOL!

I know I had a couple of other bits I wanted to post here, but they're all gone now.  I'm sure they'll come to me later.

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epilonious said...

the new iPhone (I am assuming you got the new iPhone 4) has a problem with it's external antenna. If you touch the seam on the lower-left side of the phone (the antenna is the bottom band) it grounds-out/shorts-out the reception and causes it to drop and generally go to suck-balls speeds. I call this problem "The butt crack: Do not touch the iPhone 4's butt crack or it will freak out and drop it's connection)

There are a variety of fixes as described in this article: http://gizmodo.com/5571171/iphone-4-loses-reception-when-you-hold-it-by-the-antenna-band

The easiest one seems to be "Tape over the buttcrack" and the officially sanctioned Apple response is "stop holding it wrong". Either way, see if it behaves better when it's sitting on the table and you aren't touching the transmitting bits.

Insidious plan to get people to buy bumpers/covers? The world may never know...