I think we finally have hit an upswing with getting things done around the house.  We've been in the place for about six weeks now and as desperately as it needs it, the interior still hasn't been painted.  I don't recall (and I'm too lazy to go look back) if I mentioned we hired painters to do the job a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, they blew us off on the day they were supposed to start and they lied about it.  That was enough to tell them "thanks, but no thanks."  We've spent the last couple weeks trying to get someone else in here to do that job.  We went to the second name on the list and got in touch.  And waited to hear back.  And waited.  And waited.  We finally did hear back and told them they had the job and then waited.  And waited. And then finally heard back.  Are all painters flighty?  It doesn't seem like it should be that big of a problem.  We have money we want to give you.  Come and paint my house.  Seriously.  But we have a new date nailed down (a week and a half from now) and I'm (cautiously) excited.  I don't feel like we've been able to settle in to the place yet.  This is going to be huge once it's done.  These painters are only painting the first floor of the house (and the two story foyer.)  The original painters' price was great and for the whole house.  Almost too good to be true.  That should have been the first sign.  For basically the same price, we're getting half the work done.  The other half we'll suck up and do ourselves.  I really don't mind painting.  I'm messy, but I don't mind it.  But we needed professionals because there was no way we could do the two story bit.

The next issue we've been having is slightly different, but still annoying. We've been trying to get the driveway sealed for a couple of weeks now.  We hired someone, but the driveway still isn't done.  They were originally scheduled to come last Thursday.  I got home from work to find that the driveway was untouched.  There was a message on the voicemail saying that because of the storm that was moving it's way into the area, they've decided it wasn't a good day to do it and rescheduled us for the following Wednesday.  That's fine and understandable.  What kind of sucks is the storm lasted for all of ten minutes and then cleared up, but you never know.  Well, Wednesday came and went and we had the same situation again.  This time the storm lasted much longer, but I still don't have my driveway sealed.  Third date is this Sunday.  I haven't looked at the weather forecast and I'm kind of scared to do so.  But I'm sure one day very soon, the driveway will be sealed.

This work week has been very draining.  First and foremost, FrankenKlinger has returned from her cray-cray leave.  She's still all hopped up on goofballs (allegedly) and crazed out of her brain.  As a thank you for all the support the office gave her during the whole process of the passing of her husband, she threw a luncheon for everyone in our division.  That's about 250 people. An invitation went out and she mentioned that if anyone was interested in bringing a little something, they could, but it was not necessary.  And then she went desk to desk demanding people bring in stuff.  Luckily enough people are scared of her and did it because all she supplied was a bag of chips, a package of cookies, some rolls and a tray of ziti.  What a great way to say thank you.  By making the office bring in their own lunch.  I did not participate in this fiasco.  I really want nothing to do with her.  She's mentally ill and shouldn't be anywhere near the office.  

On the flip side of this, my work wife had to put her dog to sleep today.  She'd been sick for a little while now and she's gone downhill quickly.  I found that it's brought back up to the surface all the shitty feelings I had when I had to have Puss Patrell put to sleep a few years ago.  I still miss that runty little bitch so much.  I always will.

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