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I can't believe it's Monday already.  Where the hell did my weekend go?  It seriously felt like one of the quickest ones on record.  I didn't get nearly enough done around the house.  It felt like I was on the go the entire weekend.

Friday night was leisurely enough.  I worked just a little late to compensate for being out on Thursday.  When I got home, Ken was just finishing putting the furniture in place.  The painters had finally finished and had left a short time before I got home.  I have to tell you the house looks fantastic.  It's actually weird to have furniture set up where it's supposed to be.  I've really grown used to having everything in disarray.  Even today when I got home from work it spooked me a little when I walked into the family room to find it all set up the way it's supposed to look.  I'll post pictures soon.  Anyway, we headed out for some dinner.  We did a little driving around to see what restaurants were nearby that we hadn't noticed before.  Usually if we're going to go eat, we head into Albany.  This time we drove the other way.  We found a place called the Mid Way Cafe.  It's basically a dirty diner.  I've got to tell you that the clientèle and the diner were fucking scary as shit.  SCARY.  It made Deliverance seem like a chi chi place.  But my burger was so damn good.   I'd definitely go back.

Saturday morning I woke up early (unintentional), so I headed out for a walk.  I did 7.34 miles and it felt good.  I got home, showered and then wrangled Lucy.  She had a spa date.  Or, I needed to bring her to the vet to get her nails clipped.  She won't let us anywhere near them, so we've got to bring her out to have it done.  We live about 1 mile from a vet now so it's easy to have this done on a regular basis now.  I got her home and situated and Ken and I went out to run some errands.  

One of the errands I wanted to do was go talk to the Geniuses at the Apple Store.  My new iPhone is really sucking balls.  Between Thursday night when I got it and Saturday afternoon when I went to Apple, my reception was HORRIBLE.  I spent more time off the 3G network than on it.  I think I spent more time offline than anything.  So I went in to talk to them and they looked at it and told me to watch it for the next week or so.  Thanks, Apple.  So helpful.  

If that wasn't annoying enough, I went looking for new sneakers.  My current pair, which I use for walking, just aren't fitting right.  The nail on one of my big toes is black from bruising.  I've got a blood blister on the tip of another toe.  So I went to find new shoes.  I tried on a bunch of shoes and none felt like they fit.  I wear a size 13, and they're hard enough to find.  I don't know if shoes are shrinking in size or what, because I've never had an issue like this before.  I gave up and walked away defeated (no pun intended.).  And we ran some more errands.

Saturday evening I hung more shelves for action figures in my office.  And I ran out of room again.  I still need to hang a few more.  Only I'm running out of places for shelves to go.  My current office is probably four times the size of my last one and even though I had homes for most of my toys in my old one, I'm running out of space in this new one.  I don't know how I managed to fit everything in the old place seeing how things are turning out here.  It's kind of funny.

Sunday started at the crack of dawn.  I got up and out of the house before 7.  I pushed myself and did a 2+ hour walk.  I clocked just over 10 miles.  It's a record!!  Yeah me!  I did grocery shopping and then got home in time to get ready to head out.  My friend Carol had an open house on this $750k house and she wanted us to swing by.  Only it's an hour away.  But we were both anxious to check it out.  Honestly, the house is horrible for what they're asking.  It's gonna be a hard sell.  

When we got home, I ran down to my office to check Genius status at the Apple Store.  I wasn't going to "watch it" any longer.  I spent almost the entire afternoon with no connection.  So I found there was an opening at 4:10, so I took it.  Again, I sat down with a Genius and this time she saw there was a problem.  When she hooked it up to the store's wifi, which is boosted, it kept dropping the connection.  They swapped out the phone and so far it seems to be working, though the connection still isn't as good as my old phone.  What's funny is both times I was at the Genius Bar, I mentioned all the issues with the new phones and both times they Geniuses looked at me and said they hadn't heard of there being any issues with the new phone.  Obviously the corporate level has decided no one is to acknowledge that the new phone is a piece of crap.  Whatever.

I headed home after and immediately started preparing dinner.  I think I wrote here before that I want to teach myself to cook at a higher level than a 9 year old boy.  I saw a recipe in Amy Sedaris' book I LIKE YOU (which I received for my birthday) that looked easy and delicious enough to tackle.  I made spanakopita.  I'd never tried making it before and I've never actually eaten it before.  I have to say that for someone who has no clue what he's doing in the kitchen, it came out pretty damn good.  I had a little trouble with the phyllo dough on top, but phyllo is supposed to be pretty hard to work with.  I had some leftovers for dinner tonight and I think it was even better tonight than it was last night.  Ken was inspired enough to volunteer to come up with something to make next weekend.  We'll see how long this goes for, alternating weekends to experiment with food.

I went to bed a little while later and this morning the alarm had the nastiest, meanest, most hateful things to say first thing this morning.  Bastard.

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Kimichi Tsuzuku said...

Could have sworn I replied to this one already...

I've found that Walking/Running shoes run smaller & narrower than other styles of sneaker. Reebok & Nike are notorious for not being true to size.

Also, almost everyone's feet swell over the course of the day, so its recommended, particularly for women, to try shoes on at the end of the day.

I would recommend that you go to a good shoe store like Super Shoes in the Northway Mall where they have a very large selection or perhaps the shoe dept. at Dick's or Boscov's (Running shoes might be over in Athletic gear, not Men's Shoes) or an athletic shoe store at Xgates and have them measure your feet.

Also, Taylor spoke on PiMC recently about getting new sneakers. You often get what you pay for when it comes to shoes.