I'm in need of one.  I've managed to run myself ragged for months between work and the house and whatever bits of life I can squeeze in when I have a second.  Right now we have one definite vacation booked and a second one in the planning stages right now.  Our second cruise is the definite right now.  Planned for December, about the same time as we went last year.  Ken was gung ho about trying a different cruise line for our second to see how they compare.  The first was on Norwegian.  The upcoming is on Celebrity.  From everything I've read so far, I think I prefer Norwegian, but I won't know for sure until this trip.  We're doing things a little differently this time around.  Ken asked a couple people if they'd be interested in going with us, and to our surprise, both couples said "yes."  I believe both are already booked, as well.  This is going to turn out to be very interesting.  I've never really traveled with people before.  Sure, I stayed with friends last summer in Texas, but that's not traveling with, that's staying with.  I'm anxious to see how this pans out.  I do have a few things I want to do on the vacation and I hope being with people doesn't interfere, but it's a whole new me.  I'll roll with the punches and I'm going to have a good time regardless.

Since vacation is still so far away and the house being on the market, I don't know when I'm going to get any quality down time, so I took this Friday off from work.  I need a day where I can just veg out and do nothing.  Naturally, things don't always pan out when I make plans like this, so we'll have to see.


Mandie said...

come to texas again soon!!!

Kimichi Tsuzuku said...

I love NCL! Going to Bermuda in July, did Hawaii a couple years ago.