House Update

I've really been debating about how much or little I want to say about the house situation right now.  Mostly because I'm afraid I'm going to jinx it if I say anything at all.  But here goes anyway.

The whole thing is not going any way that I imagined it would.  For instance, I was planning on having the house on the market for about five months before getting any interest in it.  I've got that number in my head because when I asked our realtor what the average turn over was, he said five months.  But we had a very successful open house last week and in the time between my last blog post Sunday evening and going to bed Sunday night, we sold the house.  Papers were signed before hitting the sack.  Can you believe it?  Now we're trying to figure out which way is up.  Original plan was to get an interim apartment before finding the perfect new house.  Looks like we're sticking to that because we're hoping to close the first week of May.  We need to get out there and start looking at places.  This week has been too much of a whirlwind to do anything.

Last week I decided I needed to take today off for a mental health day.  A day to lay around and do nothing.  Plans were botched when the house inspection was scheduled for today.  That meant getting up and getting out of the house by 9.  So much for sleeping in.  Luckily I spent most of the afternoon napping.  But it wasn't good sleep.  I'm still exhausted and don't think there will be a problem getting back to sleep tonight.

All my leisure time activities have been back burnered lately and I'm itching to get a chance to lose myself in them again.  Comics, tv, dvds.....  That kind of crap.  My dvr is filling up with stuff I haven't had time to watch.  The pile on my nightstand is growing.  So is the pile on top of the dvd player.  Soon, though.  Soon.  But not this weekend.  This weekend we're having houseguests for the first time in a thousand years.  Ken's bff and his bf are coming up to check out everything we've done with the house.  It's been a long time since they've seen it and want to see it.  That'll be fun.

I'm hoping for a weekend to do nothing but wear soft pants and lounge is in my future sometime soon.


wcs said...

Congratulations! That's great! Now maybe the perfect house will show up out of the blue!

Dyl said...

Well done! You can sort of relax now. If you're gonna rent its rather less stressful doing the looking.
Pleased for you. :-)

Mandie said...

Congrats Walt! thats so cool it happened so fast for you and Ken good luck with the apt hunting and such
xoxo :)