I can feel the winter starting to come to an end.  Today was evidence of that.  I'm hoping it was less of a tease and more of the way things are going to go.  When I left work tonight, it was 40 degrees.  Now I know that number will mean different things to different people.  To this person, this person or this person, 40 degrees isn't pretty.  But to this person, this person and this person, 40 degrees is a relief.  This winter has been cold and having a day in the 40s is a nice treat.  So nice, in fact, that I used it as an excuse to walk home from work.  I haven't done that since last fall.  Not being able to get outside and walk has really been taking a toll on me.  I try to keep up with my walking when I can, but it's not often enough.  This time of year it's limited to the crack of dawn on Sunday at the mall.  I try to get there before too many of the blue hairs get there.  I know we're still going to have some shitty weather between now and spring, but it's like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 

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Kevin said...

You are right 40 Degrees is a godsend this time of year..and here we sit with another snow storm (well wet snow not really amounting to anything)

Spring is Awakening!