When the house went on the market, I never thought to send out links to the listing to friends.  It just never occurred to me that people would be curious.  In the last couple of days, I've had three different people tell me that they hunted down the listing to check out the pictures.  So that's as good an excuse to show off the "after" pictures as any.

Here's the house from the street.  I like this picture because you can't tell exactly how ugly the siding is.  I'm not a huge fan of the golden siding and if we didn't sell, we would have had the place resided into something I find a little more eye appealing.
The view of the back yard.  Again, I like this one because the trees being in full leaf hides the fact that on the other side of that back fence is Taco Bell.  It's a small back yard with a nice garden. 

Our front porch.  For the last six month or so, it's been full to the rafters with a lot of our stuff.  When we had the floors and the ceilings redone, most of our possessions lived out here.  It's all either back where it goes or living with others now and this is what the porch looks like now.  I really love spending lazy summer afternoons out here with a pile of comics, a frosty beverage, music and a cat on my lap.

Just inside the front door are the stairs to the second floor and a straight on look into the kitchen.

 The living room, complete with Brady Bunch era fireplace.

Next is the dining room.  Until about a month ago, we never used this as a dining room.  Rather, it was a second living room.  We don't really dine, so to speak, so to use the room as a dining room would have been a complete waste.  But to sell the house, we needed to get it back to it's original purpose.


Three different shots of the kitchen.  The eat in area is not original to the house.  A previous owner took the back porch and converted it to indoor space, adding on to the kitchen, adding a mud room and a second full bath.  Until two months ago, we had the ugliest linoleum down on the eat in kitchen floor.  Now it's tiled and looks like a million bucks. 

Ken's office.  This was the guest room, but when we finished the house up, we decided it made more sense for his old office to be staged as a guest room.

 Guest room.  Ken's old office.

Master bedroom, complete with kitty.

Although it's tiny, this is the master bath.  This is the first room we had finished.  Ken had it gutted and put back together while I was in Texas last summer as a complete surprise to me.

I don't have a picture of my office. I'll have to take one and post it.  I also need to dig and see if I have any decent "before" shots.

But that's what I just sold.


Random Nicole said...

You guys did an awesome job!

Bjorn said...

Great looking place. Looks similar to what I grew up in (very similar). Now if only this condo of mine would sell...ugh Congrats though.

Melanie said...

Oooh, I really, REALLY like your woodwork! Good job!