The A-Z of Women I Love - T Is For Tina

You know, I intended on writing an entry on each of the women I've spotlighted in this series, but it just never happened.  Today, however, I'm making an exception.  I've posted here many, many times about Tina Turner.  Tina is my single favorite recording artist EVER.  I really can't put my finger on the exact reasons I connect with her. Every time I hear a Tina song, she still takes my breath away.  My heart beats just a little faster.  I think she's absolutely amazing.  She can sing the shit out of any song she's given.  I fell for Tina the second I heard "Let's Stay Together" way back in the early 80s.  Prior to that, all I knew is Tina was this washed up singer from the 60s and 70s and the fact that she was trying for a comeback was really funny to me.  For about five seconds, that is.

I've seen her in concert just three or four times, but each time she puts on one hell of a show.  For an old broad, she certainly has more energy than I ever had.  My favorite concert memory of her was the second time I saw her.  I had fourth row seats and during the last song of the encore, she bent down to shake hands as she was strutting off stage.  I bolted for the stage and I was the last hand she grabbed.  Queer story, but it made my whole night.

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