Quick Monday Post

After having a fantastic week last week, weight wise, I'm fearing what tomorrow is going to bring. I've had a horrible 24 hours with food and I know it's going to kick me in the pants tomorrow when I weigh in. Yesterday Ken and I hung out with our friend Mark and Mark kept commenting that he wanted ice cream. We never ended up stopping for ice cream, but the seed was planted in my head and when I went to the supermarket last night, I couldn't not buy ice cream. I bought us each a pint of something delicious. My intention was only to eat about half (which was still two servings according to the bullshit info on the container), but before I could think about it, it was all gone. One thousand calories at 8 o'clock last night. I still think I managed to stay close to my calorie range for the day, but most all the calories in that snack were from fat. Not good.

I did better today, but I still consider it a failure. First off, some douchebag brought in Hershey Miniatures for the office to snack on. As is my usual course of action when I see a bowlful of these things, I pulled out a couple Mr. Goodbars. Four to be exact. Follow that up with birthday cake. Even though the pieces were small, I had two. I didn't need two, but I wanted two. My lunch plans fell through today, so rather than go out and get something I might regret, I had some Cheerios to try to balance out the damage I did this morning. For dinner tonight I had a big ass salad and then some fat free, sugar free pudding. All in all, I'm pretty sure I stayed within my calories again today (or not too far out), but most of what I ate today was shit. We'll see what kind of damage I did tomorrow. I'll have all day to regret my actions and refocus. :-)

As I mentioned above, Ken and I spent the day with our friend Mark yesterday. We dragged him along to a couple of open houses. Our house search is still ongoing, though right now we're not looking to buy. That will be next year. Ken and I have very different ideas on what we want in a house. Most of what we've seen we can't agree on. The first house we saw yesterday is a different builder's variation on the standard model home. This builder, though, had a much better flow to their house and the quality seemed much, much better. We had an argument about this house later in the car. Ken decided that for the price it was an amazing value (and I agree), but it was too much house. We would never use half the space. We checked out another house in another town and I have to tell you, I found the house I want to die in. This second house was SPECTACULAR. It's everything I could imagine in a house. Every square inch of living space had a purpose. We would use it all. It was also open and airy and just a perfect fit for us. Only problem is it's in a neighborhood I hate, in a town I wouldn't consider living it and it's got an incredible view of the landfill. For real. This builder is planning on building in another town that I would live in, but there is not a projected start date for that. I don't know how this works, but I'm wondering if the builder we like, in the area we like could build this other builder's house? I need to do some investigating. I want this house so bad.

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