No Bounds

My lack of self-control obviously knows no bounds.  Tomorrow is one of my co-worker's last day here, so today management catered lunch.  Pizza and cake.  No big deal.  I forgot we were having pizza today when I made my lunch, so I came in prepared to eat like any other day.  I could have just ignored the pizza and eaten my lunch like a good boy, but no.  I grabbed a slice of pizza and then ate my lunch.  Sure, an extra piece of pizza on top of a large salad shouldn't do too much damage, but I followed that up with a slice of cake.  And then shortly after I finished that, someone brought me a piece because they thought I hadn't had one.  And I ate that, too.  I'm overstuffed and feeling a little queasy from the second piece of cake.  And I'm disappointed in myself that I can't maintain a level of self-control when there's food around.

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Breenlantern said...

I love that your work e-mail disclaimer is part of this post.

Lunch soon?

Melanie said...

Yeah, I was kinda wondering why you had a disclaimer on your post.

(F)redddy said...

If Sean hadn't mentioned the disclaimer, I'da never noticed it.

Walt, sweety. Quit beating yourself up. CLEARLY you exercised self-control. The OLD Walt would have left two pieces of cake behind for everyone else and taken the rest to eat himself. I'd say you exercised a hellalot of control. Good on you.