The Weekend That Was

First off, damn you Pod Is My Co-Pilot. I sat down to write this post when I saw there was a new episode and thought I could do both. Nope. An hour later, I'm just starting this. I wanted to be in the bedroom, laying down and reading by now. But soon.

I just wanted to write up a quick Memorial Day Weekend recap. All I wanted to do this weekend was lay around and chill out. The last few months haven't been all that restful and all I was looking for was a little bit of quiet time. I knew it wasn't going to happen because everytime I try to plan out a weekend like that, it blows up in my face, but I really was hoping.

Things officially kicked off at 3:30 on Friday. I had a half day of work because I was attending a retirement party. I had fun but was itching to get home and start my long weekend. Ken picked me up at 3:30 and brought me home. And I actually got to start in on my "nothing." Got home, putzed around the house for a little bit and then headed out for a walk. The weather was beautiful and it felt good to get out there. When I got home, I played on the computer, threw in a load of laundry and went to bed. It was a nice, relaxing Friday night.

Saturday I slept in. When I got up, I went downstairs and was going to start my normal housework. But I didn't have to. Ken actually started house cleaning. I don't know why, because he NEVER cleans the house. EVER. I think he was feeling guilty about it or something, so I took full advantage. He cleaned and I went out for a walk. When I got home, I showered, grabbed a stack of comics and my iPod and spent the afternoon laying out on the front porch reading. Although I hoped that this was how the weekend was going to go, there was no way in hell I thought I would have an afternoon like that. Ken spent the whole day cleaning, mostly concentrating on the kitchen. He went through two or three of the cupboards and somehow managed to fill three bags of trash. We have so much crap, and he's only scratching the surface. And because he did all that, I let him slide with his lack of vacuuming.

Saturday night I had plans to meet up with Matty Malone. Matty lives about four hours north of here and I've known him on the Twitters for a long time now, but this is the first time we were going to meet in person. He had plans that brought him down from the boonies. We headed out to meet him around 6pm and arrived at his hotel at almost the same time as he did. He was still grabbing his stuff out of his car when we pulled in. Matty's awesome, I have to say. I think we clicked pretty easily. I was nervous (hello, when am I not nervous?) to meet him, but Ken said that it didn't show. I don't know that I believe him, because I know I had a few awkward pauses in conversation. But that's just me, take it or leave it. We went out to dinner at a place in Saratoga that I'd previously been to with Melanie the last time I saw her. My dinner was delicious, but Ken said there was something slightly off with his. He and Matty got the same thing, and I think Matty agreed. I let myself get dessert (peer pressure, dammit). A Tollhouse Cookie Pie Sundae. After dinner we went back to the hotel (where Ken snooped around like crazy) and hung out for a few hours. I had a really good time. It was an awesome reason to get out of the house. Saturday couldn't have been more perfect.

I figured I would end up paying for the awesomeness of Saturday with Sunday. I figured wrong. It was a lot more of the same as Saturday. Started the day with another hour long walk. Did grocery shopping and a (very) little bit around the house. Ken and I tried going to the same model home we've been trying to go to for the last few weeks only to be denied again. This weekend they were only open by appointment. The previous few Sundays there was no one there. We're going to see this place if it kills us. After a couple more errands, we were home and I got to do more laying around and reading. After dinner, I went out for another hour long walk. It was my fourth since Friday. I've commented previously that I've had issues with walking (my foot, my sciatica). What I've been doing before going out is take an Alieve or some other pill to dull the pain so I could walk. I decided on Friday that I'd take a pill with me, but I'd only take it if I needed it. I didn't on Friday. Or Saturday. Or Sunday morning. Or Sunday evening. My sciatic nerve was definitely telling me it was there, but it was managable. And my foot was fine, for the most part.

So today I got up and headed out for a walk, pill in pocket, but untaken. We had some running around to do today, so after helping Ken set up his drip irrigation system, we went to Target, BJs, Staples, my bank, his bank, the gas station and Lowe's. He dropped me off and then he went off to a nursery while I got to lay around and read some more. Seriously, how perfect has this weekend been? Actually, it could have been a little more perfect if I actually didn't allow myself to get sucked into the computer after dinner tonight. I'm just a smidge behind in the reading I wanted to get done. But I have tomorrow for that. Yeah, I took tomorrow off of work. I was originally going to take Friday off, but the retirement party got in the way and the entire day wouldn't be mine, so I changed it. And tomorrow is the day I get to do all the things I've put off all weekend. I really wanted to clean my office (it's a disaster again), I need to vacuum, and a couple of other little chores to do. I think I'm going to forego walking because, like an idiot, I went out a second time tonight and I found where my limit was (and went over it, naturally). My foot is throbbing, but I haven't taken anything for it. Yet.


MattyMalone said...

I had a great time, too. It's only an awkward pause if it was awkward. It wasn't. Besides, you both put up with the lecturer! I had such a good time, I can't even give it words. Glad to hear the rest of the weekend was as good to you.

Kevin in Danbury said...

Sounds like the Shut-In had a great weekend. Now if only we can get you to meet for lunch one of these weekends!