The Week That Was (aka A Whiney Post)

Finally, I think I finally found the time to sit down, undisturbed, to write something here. The last couple of weeks seem to have been busier than usual. And it's not that I've had a lot going on. I really don't think I have. But trying to fit in everything I've wanted to or needed to do has been very difficult for me. Last week was probably the worst in terms of time. This week was much better and next week is looking to be the best yet. But for tonight, I just want to recap the week that just was. My birthday week.

Let's start with Sunday. Sunday I had an invitation to a friend's house for a birthday (not mine) bbq. I kept going back and forth with myself over it. I wasn't going to know anyone there (for the most part), and that always freaks me out. I really don't need to repeat myself, I'm sure, but social situations are hard for me. The older I get, the harder they get. And the bigger the situation, the harder that is for me, too. I ended up pussying out and decided to have a quiet day at home. The last few days like that I'd planned ended up not happening, so I was kind of excited for it. Until Ken entered the picture. He tried going to a model home nearby a few days earlier, but it was closed, so he asked me if I wanted to go. If I did this one thing, then I could have the rest of the day to myself. I agreed, even though I really wasn't in the mood to go house hunting. And I really should have known better, too, because it's never that simple with Ken. We went to the model house, and again, no one was there. There was a sign up saying that the agent was off property and wasn't sure what time they'd be back. So Ken took that as permission to start driving around all of hell and creation looking for houses. We didn't really find anything, but we found some potential areas to check at a later date. On the way home, he decided we needed to stop at the food co-op to pick up a few things. We got home and I had only about two hours before I needed to start dinner. So much for my day of beauty.

Monday was my birthday. I turned 43 this year. It's just a number, I know, but I don't know how I feel about 43. I liked 42. Liked it a lot. But I also tend to like the even numbers better than the odd ones.

I took Monday off from work. Not because it was my birthday, but in spite of it. Three weeks ago I made an appointment at a new podiatrist's office and the first appointment they had was my birthday. My appointment was at 8:30. Since it was my first visit, I made sure I got there a little early to fill out paperwork. And then I sat. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. At 9:29, I was finally called. I was annoyed, but very happy to get in to see the doctor. I don't remember if I mentioned what was going on with my foot, but I've had some pain for the last few weeks. Not sure what is causing it. It could be the neuroma in my foot, it could be some sort of joint issue or arthritis, I don't know. I get in to see the doctor, tell him what's going on and he tries to get my foot to show any of the symptoms I've been having. Naturally, my foot felt fine. He doesn't have much to go on. He tells me that since it's only been hurting a short time and it's feeling better to give it some more time. Since you use your feet every single day, it doesn't get a chance to heal itself as quickly as other body parts. If it's still acting up in another six weeks, come back. Needless to say, although I understood what he was saying, I was irritated. I wanted to go in, have a diagnosis and treatment. The foot still hurts on and off and it's annoying me.

Since I knew I had this appointment and I was going to take the whole day off, I also scheduled an oil change and my car's yearly inspection. That, too, didn't go quite as planned. Turns out that my brakes were shot. This wasn't a huge surprise to me. But I didn't realize the extent to which they were gone. Between the brakes and a couple minor issues that needed addressing to pass inspection, the damage was five hours and ten minutes worth of waiting followed by a bill for $1090. Happy birthday to me.

I forgot to mention how I started my day. I weigh myself every morning. I find the daily weigh ins help keep me on track. Monday morning I got the surprise of my life. I was the heaviest I've been in over a year. And for no apparent reason. My weight spiked and I'm still trying to figure out why. I can't for the life of me figure out why it jumped like it did. I was nearly 200 lbs. I've been between 190 and 192 steadily for the last few months.

Thank God something went right on Monday, though. Monday night we had dinner plans with Sean and Jeffrey. It was our second double date and I had the best time. I needed something fun to take my mind off of how defeated I'd allowed myself to feel. What I love about when the four of us get together is watching/listening to Sean and Ken. They are both talkers. Jeffrey and I less so. So it's fun to watch them in action. If there had to be a downside to dinner with the boys, it was when Sean and I exchanged birthday cards. I thought about getting him a little something, but couldn't think of the right thing and certainly wasn't expecting to get something. But he did get me something. Something so fantastic that I feel very guilty about not getting him something. I will make it up to him, some day, some way when he least expects it.

Tuesday came and I was pretty miserable. I have a hard time letting go of stuff sometimes. But it was good to get back into the swing of things. I thrive within structure and getting back to work provided that for me. I found a birthday present waiting with the mail when I got home and that cheered me up. However, the car thing wasn't going to die away, at least not yet. We had an appointment to bring the cats to the vet for their annual check up. We took my car and discovered that I now had this new squealing / squeaking noise that wasn't there before. Whatever they did, they did something wrong. Clearly. After work on Wednesday, we dropped my car back off at the shop for them to figure it out. Turns out that one of my rotors was shot. But the guy said that it should be covered under the warranty. "Should be covered?" Um, how about let's not even go there. The rotor was just put on the car on Monday. There's no question. "Should be." Meh!

But things are getting back to normal and I'm pleased. The weather is actually getting to where it's supposed to be for this time of the year. The week started out pretty chilly. So much so that I turned the heat on in the house on Monday. It's mid-May. We don't need the heat! Yesterday it was in the upper 80s. Today it was lower 80s. Absolutely beautiful. I was originally going to take today off and make it a four day weekend, but changed my mind. Today was the retirement party for one of the supervisors at work and there was no way I was going to miss it. I adore Rosey and I'm going to miss her like crazy. So rather than take the day off, I went in for a half day and then went to the party directy from work. Now I'm taking Tuesday off to make up for today. Seems fair to me.

Tomorrow night I'm going to meet Matty Malone in person for the first time. I've enjoyed getting to know him via Twitter and am looking forward to meeting him face to face. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. Of course I'm nervous. Social situation, remember. But he's already been forewarned that I'll be awkward.

The rest of the weekend is unscheduled and that makes me very happy. I just want a chance to veg out and do nothing. Hell, maybe I'll even catch up on emails, blogs and comics!

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Breenlantern said...

You're sucha goober but I love you anyway. No need to "make it up to me" about anything. Having dinner with you guys was enough!!!!

Let's do lunch again soon!