Holy Crap

Holy crap, I'm tired. It's Monday, I should be feeling refreshed, but I'm feeling anything but. This is how I feel on a Friday after a grueling week, not a Monday. But stupid me got up at 5:15 am yesterday to go out walking and grocery shopping. I had every intention of taking a nap yesterday afternoon, but I never found the time. Then, despite how sleepy I was getting last night, I had to stay up to see Donald Trump "hire" Joan Rivers. Tonight it's lights out as soon as Charm School is over. I need to be refreshed for tomorrow. I can't do two days feeling this pooped out.

You know what else was awesome about today? FrankenKlinger decided she needed to talk to a friend on the phone and tell them all about her mother's raw and chafed vagina. And naturally she doesn't understand the concept of indoor voice. So no matter how loud I was playing my iPod, I still kept catching pieces about how raw it was or how she just can't spread her legs like she used to. All very appropriate office chatter, of course.

Ken is still on the wedding kick and it's still killing me. Not only did I walk into his office yesterday to find him researching resorts in California to have a ceremony, but today in the mail he got the Disney Wedding Planner dvd. He keeps yelling up to me to come down and watch it with him, but I'm so not in the mood. Not tonight.

Speaking of the mail, I got the most awesome letter today. Have you ever gotten something in the mail that made you feel so good, totally out of the blue? Well, that was me today.

I know I wanted to write more stuff tonight, but my brain has shut down. Lucky you!! Instead I'll leave you with this awesome YouTube clip.

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