Laying In Bed

It feels like I haven't had ten minutes to just chill out this week. I
know that's not entirely true, but it sure feels like it. Right now
I'm laying on my bed, watching the American Idol finale and typing
this out on my phone. I don't have a television in my computer room,
which is a good thing, because I don't know if i'd ever get anything
done. TV would distract me from the computer, computer would distract
me from the TV.

I don't really want to write too much tonight, mainly because I'm
typing this on my phone. While I do love Babs, she's kind of annoying
to type anything lengthy on. But I wanted to post something. It's been
bothering me that I haven't been able to put aside the time to write
much here lately (not to mention being able to keep caught up on
email, blogs and everything else.). But maybe it's a good thing, too.
Monday was a pretty craptastic day and I'm afraid of what sort of
whiney mess I would have written then if I had the chance. A few days
removed from it and hopefully I'll have a more objective point of view
when I finally write about it.

But that's it for now. More soon.

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