I had every intention of posting everyday last week, but it just didn't happen for whatever reason. Mostly sheer laziness, I guess. But this should come as no surprise to anyone.

This week that just ended was kind of annoying. Nothing too terribly bad happened, but it's all the little things that really added up to one big annoyance. For example, I got a jury duty questionnaire in the mail this week. I've been dreading this for a long time and my time is about to come up again. Joy. But the annoying part is I received this questionnaire a few weeks ago. One of the options to answering it is to do it via telephone, which I did. Got a confirmation number and everything. Apparently that didn't take because I got another one with a letter saying that if I did it via phone, please do it again. So this is just putting off the inevitable.

Next, I got a bill in the mail from the State of New York, claiming I didn't file my 2006 taxes correctly. I took their bill and compared it to my tax form and they are right. Why it took this long to catch the error is anyone's guess. The bill was for $47.

Then the bill from my dentist came. Seventy-two bucks. When I changed jobs three years ago, my insurance changed as well. Everything would be covered 100% if I used an in-network dentist. It took me so long to find a dentist that I like and trust, one that does great work, that I decided to stay with him. Unfortunately, my insurance doesn't cover 100%, but it's worth it if you ask me.

And my sciatic nerve has been giving me a lot of grief this week. More than it has in a while. I see another visit to the doctor in my future and I'm not happy about it. I'm trying to roll with it, but it gets frustrating after a while.

On the positive side, I weighed in at 191 again this week. That makes me happy.


Nessa said...

Yay on the weigh in! Boo to everything else :)

(F)redddy said...

What a coincidence. I just got a jury summons myself. We're meant to have sex with each other. Congrats on the weight loss fat fucker.