Hard Day Today

Today was a hard day to get through. Just rough. Not because the day itself was hellish or anything, but more because I was more tired than I thought. This morning at 3:30, the smoke detector outside our bedroom started going off. I didn't hear it at first, but believe you me, Ken did. He has an irrational fear of fires (more than anyone I've ever met in my life) and hearing a smoke detector at 3:30 am shot him out of bed faster than light. We got up and searched the house and could find no signs of smoke or fire. Only the detector outside the bedroom went off, so whatever caused it must be close by, we figured. The only thing that it could have been was a pair of sneakers. In my office, I left a pair of sneakers next to the radiator with the tip of one of the shoes touching the under side of said radiator. And the radiator in my office blasts out the heat. So I'm thinking maybe something happened and there was a little meltage or something? It took me about two hours to fall back asleep, which didn't do me much good for work today. My ass dragged all day. Minutes seemed to flow like hours. But the day is over now and I'm just about to climb into bed.

In completely unrelated news, it was announced that David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who after the 2009 specials are filmed. The most surprising thing about this is not that he's leaving (it was just a matter of time, if you ask me) but how much coverage this story has gotten in the American press. My local newspaper's website even ran the story. Was it that slow of a newsday or is this actually news that the general public cares about? I'm guessing slow news day.


(F)redddy said...

Is your smoke detector battery operated? If so, you may want to change the battery. Often times battery operated smoke detectors inexplicably go off when the batteries are dying. OR if you have some type of central heating, it may be caused by dust build up in your ducts with the heat being used for the first few times this season.

Walt said...

Battery operated, yep. This is the weekend I'm supposed to change the batteries, too. I'm pretty sure it isn't a battery issue, though, because when the battery is on it's way out, this particular detector starts to chirp first. We skipped over the chirping and went straight into full alarm mode. But then again, the detector might be on it's way out. Just keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't go off tonight.

Nessa said...

Maybe it's a ghosty! boooooooo!

Hope you get a better nights sleep darling. XO

MattyNNY said...

All that means is that somewhere in the bowels of the Times-Union, resides a geek. We are EVERYWHERE!!

Cassie said...

OOoh I have the same irrational fear! I can not tell you how many times I've bolted up out of a sound sleep convinced I smell smoke. Horrible!

Just another southern gay guy said...

Nooooo! I love David Tennant! Oooooohhhh!

I guess that's the thing about the Doctor, huh?