I still can't seem to shake this damn cold. I know if I stayed home from work and slept, it would do wonders, but I've been conditioned by my years of work in the retail field that you work whether you're sick or not. Sick time is a myth. I really wish I could shake that.

Anyway, since I feel like crap, I find that listening to my favorite songs is a huge comfort. This is one of my most favorite songs ever by one of our greatest singers ever. I could put this song on repeat and never get tired of it.


Nessa said...

Something tells me you were dancing around your kitchen using a spoon as a microphone. I hope you feel better darling.

Laura said...

I feel you have just given credibility to my comment about Miss Alison and Yaz(oo) on the last podcast. Thank you, Sir!

erik98122 said...

Only 20 more days and I will see Ms Moyet in person!! I cannot wait...I've waited way too long for this moment!! I'm in 6th row so hopefully I can sneak some pics for you.

Hope you are feeling better!!

Just another southern gay guy said...

I swear I've never heard that song before. I have no idea who that even is.