I'm not in the best mood right now. It's probably the lack of sleep, but it's not just that. Tonight was supposed to be my quiet night at home alone. Ken bought tickets to go to a fund raiser for a local no-kill cat shelter. Silent auction, live auction, dinner.... You get the idea. He invited our friend Pat to go with him. I was going to have the whole place to myself to unwind and relax. But things never seem to quite go the way they're planned. Pat called this afternoon and had to cancel. Ironically, she was having a cat issue and had to have one of her cats put to sleep tonight. I feel horrible for her, knowing exactly how shitty it feels to have to do that. So I got to go in Pat's place. Now really, I had no interest whatsoever. Zero. Zip. Zilch. But I sucked it up and went. Ken bid on a bunch of things and I let him. I didn't, but I didn't really want to. We sat around for a while. Had some fruit, cheese and crackers while waiting for dinner. Ken walked around some while I sat at our table and played Bejeweled on my phone. It was a buffet dinner and when I got up there to get something to eat (I was starving, by the way), I realized there was next to nothing that I could eat. But I loaded up my plate anyway, because if I didn't eat, I was going to pass out. The buffet was a vegetarian/carbohydrate bonanza. And not very tasty either. I'm sure it's going to impact tomorrow's weigh in, but I hope not. When we left the event, Ken starts to pull out of the parking spot he's in and managed to start to rip off my front bumper (he was driving my car.) He snapped it back in, but we won't know until tomorrow if he did it correctly. It's way too dark out to check it out.

So let's recap. I'm exhausted (been up since 5), I feel really gross and fat (from dinner), I'm stressed (car issue) and I'm irritated (I spilled something oil based - probably salad dressing- on my hoodie and I'm rewashing it now, this time treating the stain with Lestoil. I hope it works.). All great things to feel on a Saturday night.

In positive news, I ran into my old friend Kris at the fund raiser. I haven't seen her in two years. So it was really nice to catch up.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day. I can feel it.


Nessa said...

I love you walt *hugs*

Fairy Princess Holly said...

It's okay to have the grumpies!Hope you had a happy Sunday!