What a good day, even though it didn't quite turn out like I had hoped. I really wanted to get a little more done around the house, but I've got two more days to accomplish that. I did get all the laundry (including the sheets..... I love fresh sheets!) done, the dishes done (AND put away...) and went to the grocery store (where I wandered around in a daze and didn't really buy much of anything). I started cleaning my office (aka the comic room), but spent most of the day playing around with iTunes. I'm trying to upload every single song I have to it. I'm at about 16,000 and counting. I need to get the Christmas music on there soon.

Anyway, I'm starting to ramble. That's never fun to read.

I was going to read comics this afternoon, but I guess I'm doing that tonight. It's always better to read in bed anyway.

So, I was poking around the computer and I came across my September 2005 Disney pictures. I was shocked when I saw them. And disgusted. I was almost at my all-time high weight (probably about 10 pounds below it, actually.) What's fucked up is at the time, I thought I looked pretty good, especially in the picture posted here. Now I look at it and I fight not to cry. To show some contrast, I'm posting a picture from my trip in September of this year. What a difference, huh? I'm down almost ten pounds from when that picture was taken. I still think I look a little heavier than I really am. I've spent my entire adult life overweight, so I don't think I'll ever be able to look at myself 100% rationally. Ninety percent, maybe.

I went out for a walk this afternoon. I must be getting used to the colder temps. It was 42 degrees out, but it felt nice. And the walk felt really, really good. I haven't been walking as much lately and I think it's been affecting my mood. I've been crabbier than usual. This week I walked a lot more and have been in a better mood. They might not be connected, but maybe they are. Later, I came down with a terrible headache. Just nasty. I realized that it was 3 o'clock and I hadn't had a single thing to drink all day. I'm sure I was just dehydrated. I drank a couple glasses of water and I was much better shortly thereafter.

Gripping stuff, this blog.


Nessa said...

Are you wearing the same hat? hehe!

You can really see a difference. A lot of hard work and it has paid off. You look great!

I mean it when I say you inspire me to work hard and be healthy.

I really believe excersizing and your mood are connected. If I don't walk in the morning before work, I find that i loose my temper and want to go home. Well i want to go home everyday, but who likes spending all day at work.

Keep doing what youre doing Walt, you got some cheerleaders on your side. :)

Walt said...

Yeah, it's the same hat. I washed it a couple of weeks ago and ruined it. Now I need to get a new hat. :(

Thanks for being my cheerleader. If I didn't have the support I have, I don't think I could have come this far. It doesn't matter if it's Ken or co-workers, or internet friends, just having someone to cheer you on helps so much. Thank you so much!

I still want chocolate cake, though.

Nessa said...

i think betty crocker or duncan hines makes a 150 calorie instant cakes. You add some water and microwave it. It's 3-4 bites, but they are really good.

i don't recommend low carb or sugar free chocolate (they make me gassy ;x)

Walt said...

I know exactly how much sugar free chocolate I can have before there's a problem. That's a good thing and helps with moderation! :)

Nessa said...

Ohhh, see I only had it the once and when my stomach kept making those noises, I never tried them again. Maybe I should give them another go, but not eat a serving size this time. Or i have a sensitive tummy.

Walt said...

My limit is two pieces. No more or I'm in trouble.

Fairy Princess Holly said...

Some people are sensitive to the sugar alcohols. I'm not luckily! I can eat any amount and be just fine. Yay Walt on the weight loss!