Turkey Day Recap

It's 10pm and I really want to go to bed. I'm beat and it's been a long day.

Today, like most Thanksgivings, was spent at my Mom & Dad's house. I didn't have any intentions on going this year, but my brother was making a special trip down from where he lives in Canada. He's not down very often at all, if ever, so Ken convinced me it was a good idea to go. So we did. My brother, of course, canceled his trip a couple of days ago. It irritated me, but as I may have said before (I can't remember now), it was no surprise at all.

My parents live about an hour away from here. We got to their house around 11:30 this morning. I was instantly overcome by all the cigarette smoke. My folks smoke like chimneys and they have for my entire life. I've never had an interest and with the exception of one drunken night in a bar, I've never smoked. I always leave their house with a sore throat and itchy eyes and today was no exception.

But I'm not writing to bitch. I'm really not.

The family this year consisted of Mom, Dad, my uncle Tommy (Dad's brother), my sister, Ken and I. My mom made the full spread of food, like always, and it was damn tasty. I think I overdid it, too. Sure, I probably ate less than I did last year, but my stomach is smaller this year. We ate at 12:30 and I'm still stuffed. I'm afraid to see what the damage I did looks like on the scale this week.

The weather was surreal this year. It's been damn cold this week. Except today when we took the dogs out for a walk. It was 66 degrees. 66! Tomorrow is only going to be 37, which sucks. I need to get out there and walk today's meal off. But it's gonna be too cold. If there's no wind, I should be okay.

I commented at one point today that we had considered buying a treadmill, but thought twice about it. My sister said we could have hers. It was packed away all the way in the back of the basement. It had been down there for three years. It needs to be cleaned up, but I'm going to try it out. Worst case senario, it gets tossed on the next Trash Amnesty Day.

I'm not working tomorrow, which is good. No intention of hitting any of the sales. Partially because after looking through the Black Friday ads, I decided there was nothing but shit in them but mostly because all my years in retail have taught me that Black Friday shopping is a terrible idea. If I had the energy, I'd get up early and head out to Wal-Mart (a store I despise more than I can say) to watch the white trash punch each other in the face to get a bargain. My only plan for leaving the house is grocery shopping and hoping to get a clearance turkey since we don't have any leftovers.


Nessa said...

I work tomorrow :(


I like the new looks of your blog!

Happy Thanksgiving Walt *hugs*

Fairy Princess Holly said...

Yeah, as much as I love Black Friday shopping, WalMart is one place I avoid like the plague! Those shoppers are vicious!