For Christmas this year, we decided to get a new computer. We did the same thing last year, but Ken has managed to shut me out from using it, him being addicted to World of Warcraft and all. So I got stuck with the auxiliary computer in the other room. It worked (as long as you didn't try to do two things at once), but it was slow, had no hard drive to speak of and was basically a step up from an abacus. The new machine arrived on Tuesday. It's a Dell something-or-other and it's pretty. The monitor is totally ridiculous. Twenty-two inch widescreen. It's BEAUTIFUL! It makes the 19" widescreen on Ken's computer look teeny. The only sucky thing about this new machine is it comes with Vista. Now, I'm not anti-Vista, per se, but I'm so used to XP that it was a little bit of a shock going with the new system. Things aren't exactly where I want or remember them to be. I'll get used to it, I know. But the major issue I'm having with Vista is my mp3 player is not compatible with it. I spent most of yesterday researching and reading about what I can do. Ultimately, I needed to update the firmware on the mp3 player, but I was really afraid to do it. I kept reading about all these problems people were having doing it. My mp3 player is my lifeline. It gets me through work, it gets me through exercise. Sure, I've got an iPod, but it's only 2 gig and how much can you really hold on that? My Creative player is my baby.

So we update the firmware and it takes. What a relief. But now I've got to reload every last song on it. They all erased. I'm in the process of doing that right now. I can fit just over 10,000 songs on the ping box. My backup file is about 13,000 songs, so I've got to upload, then edit, then upload some more. It'll take me all weekend to do, I'm sure. I'm up to the letter E right now.

Another bummer is all the software I used with the player does not work in Vista. At all. So I've got to use Windows Explorer to play with the contents of the player. Not a huge whoop, but I am very used to the Creative software.

Change is bad. (Except when I'm sick of the old layout of my blog, that is.)

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