075 The Lone Ranger / Green Hornet: Champions Of Justice

I really didn't know what to expect from this.  I recently finished the first giant arc of The Lone Ranger's book and was looking for some more.  I haven't read very much Green Hornet at all, so my knowledge of the character is limited.  I figured this would be some sort of time travel story since Lone Ranger was from the old west and Green Hornet is a modern hero.  It's not.  And this is where my ignorance comes into play.  I'm not sure exactly when the Green Hornet stories take place, but I thought they were more modern.  This book takes place in the 1930's.  The Lone Ranger is old.  The Green Hornet is young.  So their timelines overlap.

And more ignorance here.  Both characters have the same last name and are related.  I don't know if that was a happy coincidence or if it's canon.  Whatever it is, it works.  

Michael Uslan gives us a well thought out story.  He uses a lot of historical realities in writing this story while tying in a lot of the Lone Ranger's history.  I was finished reading this way before I was ready to let it go.  I have to give this book a big thumbs up.

The Lone Ranger / Green Hornet: Champions Of Justice
Writer: Michael Uslan
Artist: Giovanni Timpano
Dynamite Comics

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