074 Mockingbird Vol 2: My Feminist Agenda

This book was HIGHLY disappointing, but not for the reason you might be thinking.  I was disappointed because it was cancelled before it could properly fill up a trade paperback.  To pad it out, the back of the book features a couple issues of the Avengers that featured Mockingbird.  What's funny is that one of the issues barely features her, but it key to her updated status quo.

Anyway, Mockingbird was probably one of my favorite recent Marvel books.  It took a character who has never been given proper love by Marvel and finally gave her a direction and a purpose.  I could read this book until the end of time.

The final story of this series is a three parter that is loosely tied into the big Civil War thingie.  But only peripherally, which makes me happy.  Yes, Mockingbird is a part of the MarvelU, but we're not forced to read her in an adventure that's centered right in the middle of a giant fight scene.

This book is funny as shit.  I didn't realize until I was reading the afterword, but Chelsea Cain isn't a comics writer.  This was her stab at it.  And knowing that, I want her to stab away more.  She's got a fresh voice that I love.  More!!! More!!!

Mockingbird Vol 2: My Feminist Agenda
Writer: Chelsea Cain, Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Kate Niemczyk, Sean Parsons, Mike Deodato, Howard Chaykin
Marvel Comics

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