One year ago today is still deeply ingrained in my memory as if it was one week ago.  One year ago today we had our first open house.  The house had just gone on the market and we were hopeful that we could sell it.  The months leading up to that day were anything but pleasant.  We spent nights and weekends trying to finish up the work we started on the house when we moved in, but ran out of steam for.  We did more work on top of that to get the house in a more desirable shape.  Those months were long and tedious and stressful.

I still have very vivid memories of the day.  Our realtor suggested that when we vacated the place for the open house that we take the cats with us.  That was an experience to say the least.  Our plan was to drive around for the few hours of the open house.  We couldn't really do much because we had both cats in the car with us, so we tooled around for a little bit, stopped for lunch (which we ate in the car), drove around a little while longer and then headed back home.  It would have been fantastic if that's all that happened, but nothing can be easy.  Both cats were stressed out to be in their carriers not knowing what was going on.  About a half hour into the day, Lucy peed all over her carrier and herself.  About a half hour from the end of our trip, Ollie got so stressed out that he vomited all over his carrier and himself.  So not fun at all.

Our open house ended at either four or five o'clock.  I can't remember for sure, but I'm pretty sure it was four.  By nine o'clock that night, we had a firm offer on the house.  I still can't believe it.  One year later and I still think I'm asleep and dreaming.  It was the most incredible feeling to hear we had an offer and it was the scariest feeling in the world because we hadn't even thought about looking for a new house yet.  

This weekend is the one year anniversary of the beginning of two of the most hectic, stressful, crazy months I think I've ever lived through.  And I overdid it on brownies and ice cream tonight to celebrate!!

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