I live under a rock.  I really do.  Ken's mother was over tonight and we went out to dinner.  I commented to our server that it was really quiet in the place tonight.  It's because it's Superbowl Sunday, he replied.  My bad.  I really need to start paying a little closer attention to the news.  I mean, I knew the Superbowl was coming, but I didn't think it was for another couple of weeks.  Whatever.

It's been another weekend of home improvement bullshit.  Dmitry was back to do some more work both Saturday and Sunday.  He got a lot of stuff done, including a whole bunch of basement projects.  We still have more for him to do, but I'm thrilled by what he accomplished for us this weekend.  Ken and I started to tackle my office.  We got the rest of the stuff in there out, I took down the shelves I made, took out all the nails and screws and whatever else I had in the wall, Ken spackled, I sanded both the walls and ceiling.  I got the room taped off, all the trim sanded and washed and we got some paint up.  The ceiling isn't going nearly as smoothly as we'd hoped and that's going to require a little more work before we can paint.  And the walls can't be painted until the ceiling is done, though a lot of the cutting in has been done for the walls.  We're getting there.  For the first time, I'm feeling pretty good after what was basically a crappy, chore intensive weekend.  I'm sure I'd feel much better if we got further with my office, but I'll take what I can get.

Every Sunday Ken and I record our weight on a spreadsheet we have hanging inside the bathroom cabinet.  I was looking back at where I was at this Sunday last year and was pleasantly surprised to see I'm only 1 pound off that number.  I was 188 last year, 189 this year.  That made me really, really happy.  Of course I ate like it was my last meal tonight at dinner and I feel like I'm 289 right now, but I deserve to go a little crazy now and again.

It was a pretty long day today and the bedroom and the stack of comics on my nightstand are both screaming for me.  I think I must comply.

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Kimichi Tsuzuku said...

As my interest in football is limited to scoping out the tight ends when they line up (leer) particularly in college ball I love going out on S.S. and we pretty much had the Barnsider to ourselves.