We're getting closer and closer to putting the house on the market.  Every day something new gets either started or finished.  Yesterday Ken put in a call  to a mortgage broker.  They talked for what seemed like hours and her preliminary run of our numbers seemed really positive.  We will be meeting with her in person soon to run real numbers and get that process going.  One of the things Ken's been freaking out about is "what if we can't get a mortgage or a mortgage of sufficient funds to buy what we want."  His mind is now at ease.

Tonight I didn't stay late at work (it was actually still light out when I left!) because I had some stuff to do at home.  My office is now almost completely empty.  The stacks and stacks of boxes of comics are out of the closet and resting in the guest room.  I lugged all four of the bookshelves downstairs and put them out on the porch.  Some of the clutter from the guest room has now be returned to where it belongs.  All that's left in here is my desk and the guest room bed.  The bed has been leaning against the wall since we cleaned the rest of the house out to have the floors done back in December.  I need a hand moving it out and Ken didn't get home until just a short while ago.  My office needs to have the ceiling and walls painted, the trim touched up and new carpet installed.

Work has been both very busy this week and just plain crazy.  The first week of the month is always my really busy week as I have extra projects to tackle.  And it's a well known fact that I sit right in the middle of the highest concentration of mentally ill employees.  Most days I enjoy it because it always means I'm going to get a show, but sometimes it's scary.  Right now it's been pretty scary.  I've been trying to keep my head down and not make a target of myself, because I feel like any of the four mentally ill neighbors could pull out a gun at any minute.  Good times!

LOST starts tonight.  I'm excited that it's back, but annoyed that I have to add more television to my schedule.  Thursday night SURVIVOR unofficially starts with an anniversary special.  The actual season starts next week.  Again, very, very excited/annoyed.

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