The Return

My mind is kind of fried, so if this makes no sense whatsoever (like anything I write makes much sense....), you've been warned.

The last few weeks have been really trying and tiring.  I've been keeping up my extended schedule at work and then working my ass off at home nights and especially weekends.  The house is getting even closer to going on the market.  In the last week or so we've made huge strides.  Or at least it feels that way.  The last two rooms upstairs (my office and Ken's) are now 99% done.  Ceilings have been patched, sanded and painted.  Same with the walls and trim.  Wednesday they both got carpeted.  We're now in the process of getting the rooms set up the way we want them to show when it comes time for open house showings.  Ken got the basic set ups done once the carpet guys were gone.  In my office, he took a bunch of my comic boxes, stacked them in a corner, covered them with bedding and you'd think I have a bed in the room now.  It's amazing.  The guest room bed is now set up in his office, as that's now our guest room.  I need to take some pictures and show some before and afters.
Tomorrow we have a lot going on.  The handyman is coming over bright and early to get back to work in the basement.  We rented a UHaul truck tonight and tomorrow we're loading it with stuff and making a trip to the new storage unit we've rented.  That should help clean out the old guest room (now an office).  On Sunday, Sean & Jeffrey are coming over to pick up some furniture, which will help clean up the front porch.  I know we have a lot of other stuff to do and I'm blanking on the chore list (probably intentionally.)  It will be nice to start getting the house back to the non-chaotic version.  The dining room has been the workshop for the last couple of months.  Tools and paint cans and what have you all over it.  This weekend we can bring the kitchen table in off the porch (it's buried right this moment).  I'm really starting to feel good about everything.  I can see the light at the end of this tunnel.

I've noticed in the last couple of months, really since the end of last year, that I've been distancing myself from everyone and everything.  I've had so much going on that something had to give and the social aspect of my life was the easiest thing to pull back on.  I don't have a huge "real life" social life, so that was pretty easy to cut back on, but it's my "virtual" social life that's really suffered.  It's going to be a little while longer before that recovers, I fear.  I try to stay in touch, but I know I'm failing miserably with the one on one communication.  This blog has been the easiest way to keep everyone up to date on my comings and goings.  

One of the things I've managed to make the time for is the new season of Survivor.  It's another All-Stars edition of my favorite show.  All-Star editions tend to suck balls on shows like Survivor.  Shows where the eliminations are determined by the contestants.  Cliques and alliances form quickly and they get boring.  But so far, only two episodes in, I'm hooked.  This is starting off really strong and I'm just giddy.  This week's episode made me mad because my favorite player was eliminated by her dumb ass tribe.

And speaking of Survivor, I saw this posted over on Facebook tonight and it made me laugh.  Sure, you've probably seen this clip a thousand times already, with different subtitles, but this one is Survivor themed and I laughed out loud a couple of times.  If you like the show, watch this.

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