Another weekend is drawing to a close and it was another jam-packed weekend.  Everything I mentioned in my Friday night post came to pass.  And then some.  My house is really starting to look amazing.  It's a shame that selling the place is what forced us to finish up everything we lost steam on five or six years ago.  Everything on the second floor is so close to being 100%.  A few more pieces of art still need to be hung.  There are a couple of spare lamps in Ken's new office that need homes.  And a box of stuff going to Goodwill that needs to be brought downstairs.  But for the most part, the second floor of my house needs a deep cleaning.  There's still so much dust covering things.  If there was time this weekend, I would have started that project.  

The first floor is nearly as put together.  Sean and crew came this morning to pick up the furniture and that freed up a tremendous amount of space on the front porch and the living room.  Ken managed to clean up a big percentage of the tools, etc that have been living in the dining room.  And he began sorting all the tools, etc we have to get rid of the excess.  He's always had his own tools.  Then his dad died and he inherited all of those.  And then his step-mother's neighbor moved and she brought over more tools.  So he's sorting, keeping everything that he needs and then the rest are going to Habitat For Humanity.

We filled up the storage unit with a lot of my shit this weekend.  It's amazing how many boxes of comics and toys and cds I pulled from my office.  Nearly 40 boxes.  They're all in storage right now and it feels good not to have the boxes piled in the corner of Ken's office.

We found time to take in an open house this afternoon after lunch.  Loved the house, hated the location.  *sigh*

All in all, I'm EXHAUSTED!  I'm looking forward to going in to work tomorrow to escape the house for a little while.  This week I need to find time to start the cleaning process.  My house looks like Oscar Madison lives in it.  And I can't have that.

I'm climbing into bed, putting Amazing Race on and then crashing.  Hard.

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Kevin said...

Oh my Gravy!

What a busy busy beaver