Joy.  Two sentences in and my desktop crashed on me.  Good times!

Anyway, today was day two with no heat.  I called in to work to say I wouldn't be in because I had to wait for the repairman.  He said that he'd give me a call around 10 to let me know if he had the part at the shop or if he'd have to order it.  My luck being the way it is, he did not have the main part he needed in stock.  That had to be ordered.  One other part was in stock, though.  He was pretty sure he could have the part for tomorrow, so, knowing that I have to take tomorrow off, I went in to work.  He called early enough that I didn't lose too much of the day.  I was to work by quarter after 11.  I'll be off all day tomorrow, waiting for the part to arrive and then for him to get here.  I hope and pray that this part is what's wrong with the system.  The repairman seems pretty confident about it and I really can't not trust him at this point.

The temps in the house got down to about 55 degrees last night.  I'm really lucky this happened now instead of February, when it can be sub zero outside.  I ran a space heater for a short while, just to take some of the chill out of the air.  Extra blankets went on the bed last night and that felt nice.  I would have had the greatest night of sleep, but Lucy decided to join us in bed last night.  She doesn't usually and I like when she sleeps with us.  She chose my chest to sleep on and slowly worked her way down to in between my legs at my crotch.  Ollie chose to sleep in between my legs at my ankles.  I was pinned down in one position all night long.  Well, until 4am when Ollie decided it was time to attack Lucy.  And then around 4:30 when he felt he was ready for round two.  5am brought round three, then again around 5:30, 6am and 6:30.  Then, at 7, the first of Ken's two alarm clocks started going off.  He's got them so they alternate about every five minutes.  FOR AN HOUR.  I'm not used to that because I usually get up at 5:45 to get ready for work and am out of the house by 6:20.  To say I'm sleepy right now is an understatement.

I'm afraid I made a few poor food choices today.  I had every intention to stick to my regular routine, but that flew out the window when I got to work and realized there was still breakfast food.  Management decided to say "thank you" to us for all the work we put in during the recent crisis.  There was breakfast pizza.  I have a weakness for it.  Two slices of that was all I took, and I didn't touch my regular lunch so as not to be too pigish.  And then we went out to eat tonight to avoid getting home too quickly.  I had seafood stuffed sole and wild rice.  I could have eaten much, much worse.  And bread.  My other great weakness.  Right now I have a couple mugs of hot chocolate sitting in my stomach.  Not the best way to end the day, but certainly one of the tastiest.  I had a great weigh in today.  I hope the scale doesn't flip me off tomorrow.

Totally off the subject, I read some sad news today.  Jenn Lyon, a fourth place finisher on Survivor: Pulau, died yesterday.  She was just 37.

And this comes right on the heels of hearing that Canadian folk singer Kate McGarrigle also died.

Neither one of these women are particularly well known, but they've both entertained me in the past and I'm sad that they're gone.

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erik98122 said...

Breakfast Pizza?!?!? What a dream!!!
Stay warm my little cupcake

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